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20 Aug New California Rules About Contractors and Employees

New California Rules about Contractors and Employees

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13 Aug What HR Benefits Should You Offer When Cash Is Tight

What HR Benefits Should You Offer When Cash is Tight?

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24 Jul The Difference Between Financial and Managerial Accounting

What is the Difference Between Financial and Managerial Accounting?

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17 Jul How Do You Know You Should Switch Payroll Providers?

Switching your payroll provider can seem very overwhelming; still you’ll have to do this to save your business when necessary. Regardless of how long you’ve been with your current service provider, if the payroll service is constantly falling short of expectations and you continue to get unsatisfied, you’ll no doubt have to change providers.

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05 Jul 10 Qualities to look for in a Controller or Accounting Hire

The office of a controller as well as those of the other senior management positions in a company is very crucial to the success of any business and so should be filled with a qualified person. Every new employee deserves significant training, but there are some traits you should look out for in a new accounting or controller hire. These qualities such as the technical accounting background as well as a few other personality traits are what we’ll be discussing in the parts below.

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