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6 Inexpensive Tools for Agencies That Will Improve Your Bookkeeping

01 May 6 Inexpensive Tools for Agencies That Will Improve Your Bookkeeping

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6 inexpensive tools for agencies

Marketing, advertising and PR agencies have unique financial and bookkeeping needs, and it can be a challenge to keep records organized, responsibilities covered, and information security risks at bay. Are you struggling to manage your books and keep accounts balanced at your agency?

To help you overcome some of the challenges agencies commonly face, explore these six affordable bookkeeping tools. 

6 Bookkeeping Tools for Agencies

1. Function Point

If you need an all-in-one project management software for your agency, Function Point could be your answer. This solution compiles all the essential tools — project management, QuickBooks integration, time tracking, client relationship management, and financial and business reporting — into a single cloud-based solution.

You no longer have to move between platforms to do your job. With Function Point, you have a single solution that streamlines processes and facilitates easy collaboration. You also have access to real-time data, so you’re always up-to-date on the state of your business.

2. FunctionFox

Are you looking for a software solution to improve your time tracking and project management capabilities? FunctionFox could be a perfect fit, and it was created by an ad agency with creative teams in mind.

FunctionFox has a loyal following, with more than 100,000 creative users in over 100 countries. This software could be the key to increasing both your productivity and profitability. You’ll also put time back into your schedule, as this solution reduces the amount of administrative time your team has to dedicate to simple functions, which are now automated.

3. AccountAbility

AccountAbility has more than just a clever name; it’s an ideal remote accounting and bookkeeping solution for agencies. This cloud-based solution is capable of integrating time tracking, job management and financial systems into a single solution accessible for on-the-go users.

This solution is ideal for small to mid-size agencies that are growing. If you have a team of 20 or more creative professionals, check out AccountAbility.

4. HourStack

Profitable, efficient project management is often a challenge for creative agencies. HourStack takes existing task lists and helps you plan out weekly schedules, track time and compare plans with how time was really used.  

With HourStack, you can identify inefficiencies and where work is getting held up. Then, you have to knowledge needed to make changes and improve your processes.

5. WorkBook

If you have 30 or more employees, WorkBook could be a great remote accounting and bookkeeping solution for your needs. This is a software that makes collaboration easier for companies with multiple locations.

By integrating your billing and accounting processes with your CRM, forecasting, project and resource management, you can ensure your agency is operating at maximum profitability. It’s also highly customized with modular pricing options, so you only pay for the features you need.

6. todo.vu 

If improving productivity is your main focus, todo.vu could be the right solution. This software provides a unique blend of time tracking, task management, contact management and billing capabilities for agencies.

This helps you manage freelancers, consultants and your internal team. Plus, they have different pricing options based on the number of users your agency needs. This makes it an affordable option for even the smallest agencies.

Remember — You Get What You Pay For

While all of these options are helpful, affordable tools that can make bookkeeping easier, they don’t come with the support of professionals who understand your business and can answer your questions. What your business may actually need is remote accounting and bookkeeping resources to take these complex processes off your plate entirely.

Partnering with Keeping Your Balance can give your agency access to remote resources who function as an extension of your team, with little to no oversight. And, as you grow, the team will scale to meet your needs. For agencies small and large, remote bookkeeping and accounting resources are the best option for more profitable operations.

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