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Are You Spending More Than $60,000 a Year on Your Back Office Support Person?

25 Apr Are You Spending More Than $60,000 a Year on Your Back Office Support Person?

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man handing over money Did you know that a back office support employee can cost a startup or small to mid-size business upwards of $60,000 each year? While that figure may vary, this is a lot of money to fill a role that doesn’t necessarily require a full-time salaried position — not to mention the benefits that go along with that salary, resources necessary to train them, equipment to help them do their job, and so forth.

Here’s another important question. Did you know you could be getting the same amount of support that a full-time employee provides by outsourcing to a remote accounting or bookkeeping partner… at a fraction of the cost?

Explore what’s possible when back office support is taken off your plate and managed by a remote provider like Keeping Your Balance. 

What You Gain When You Cut Your Full-Time Back Office SupporT

1. Efficiency

Every business strives for more efficient operations. Replacing a full-time employee with a remote accounting and bookkeeping solution could be the key to unlock greater efficiency. When you can cut costs, you immediately free up resources for other departments and activities.

Plus, there are long-term efficiencies a remote provider can offer that add value over time, like streamlined processes and less oversight on your part. By outsourcing your accounting and bookkeeping needs, you can set your business up to reap benefits for years to come.


Turnover can cost your company thousands of dollars. From the time required to find a replacement to lost efficiency while the new hire is being trained, turnover comes with financial risks you want to avoid whenever possible. When you outsource to a remote bookkeeping expert, you’ll eliminate the unpleasant surprise and added costs of back office turnover.

In addition to the financial impact, turnover also affects your company’s ability to keep operations running smoothly. When someone in your back office moves on, quits or retires, you may experience productivity consequences and even drops in morale. However, with remote accounting and bookkeeping services, any staff changes on your partner’s side will not impact your business. You’ll continue to receive quality service, no matter the transitions happening behind the scenes.


With an expert accounting or bookkeeping provider like Keeping Your Balance on your side, you have a true partner who is always available when you need them. You also have a scalable team that can adjust as your business grows, instead of having to find new hires to keep up with new work demands.

Our team is made up of dedicated professionals who are well-versed and up to date on accounting and bookkeeping best practices, as well as legal requirements. This means you never have to worry about compliance issues or losing money come tax time.


Outsourced bookkeeping experts like Keeping Your Balance not only understand your industry, but thrive on bringing fresh ideas and innovative thinking to the table. These ideas will help you save money, address problem areas, and reach your growth goals. When you trust the experts, they don’t just get the job done. They look for new opportunities to add value to your partnership.

Your back office is the backbone of your organization, but it doesn’t need to break the bank or hold you back. Remote accounting or bookkeeping experts can help make operations more efficient, more reliable, and more valuable.

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Topics: Business Tips, Bookkeeping & Accounting