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Avoid that Burnout!

28 Aug Avoid that Burnout!

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by Joy Hmura  •  0 Comments
School is important and studying hard gets good grades! However, another noteworthy key to success is avoiding that burn out. If you are hitting the books hard enough to start hitting your head (-please don't do that!), here are some apps to help you stay sane:


1. SeshNeed a tutor? No problem. Sesh can help arrange for you to meet a tutor they match you with any where you desire! 


2. Evernote - Have trouble focusing on tasks? Look to Evernote! They will help clear that up for you. 


3. Wordflex - Need JUST the right word but can't pin it? Wordflex can help you out!


4. Lala Luncbox - Having problems planning healthy meals for your little ones? Let Lala Lunchbox do the

thinking for you!

Hey, life can be hectic enough. Pick the right app and let those troubles melt away!


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