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Be a Business Super-Achiever

04 Aug Be a Business Super-Achiever

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Business Tips

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

K1PZ4FEMEQIf you're running a business, we know you're probably running on all cylinders. You're trying to stretch time and cram as much work as possible in every second. At KYB, we would love to save you time and help you with all of your accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and tax services needs. It's not always possible to be a "super-achiever," but here are some tips to make the most of your time. 

According to Suzanne Gelb, a psychologist and life coach who has spent thousands of hours working with clients over the span of 28 years, including those who fit the "super-achiever" mold, she discovered a pattern. 

Here's the core of her findings: 

1. Fully commit. If you're in, you're in. Be present and focused on whatever you're working on. You'll find a higher quality level of work. When your mind seems to be wandering off, try yelling "I'm back!" loudly to snap yourself out of it. 

2. Avoid multitasking. As a business owner, it's easy to be pulled in all directions. Don't try to do many things at once. Close the tabs to your Instagram, Facebook, email, and turn off your phone. Shut down all forms of distraction. 

3. Ban "friendly interruptions." It's so easy to jump at every beep and buzz, especially if you think it's a customer. Try to set out space for yourself to do the tasks you need too without interruptions. It takes an average of 23 minutes to get back into the zone of whatever you're doing. 

4. Hang with other super-achievers. Find people who are really good at managing their time and are doing a great job of balancing everything, especially other business owners. Make a conscious decision to spend more time with people who are like-minded and inspiring. 

5. Prevent emotions from building. Get a good exercise routine or find another outlet for release. Don't let bottled-up feelings make a mess in your life. 

At KYB, we want you to be as free from stress as possible. We would love to have you be part of our accounting in the cloud family! 

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