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Bookkeeping in San Francisco - 5 Things We Have Learned

13 Jan Bookkeeping in San Francisco - 5 Things We Have Learned

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

bookkeeping-in-san-francisco-what-we-learnedNot too long ago, we celebrated an anniversary here at KYB - ten years that we’ve been providing outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services in San Francisco. It’s been a great ride from the earliest days to our current level of growth, and we’d like to think we’ve learned a few things along the way as well. Here are a few points about bookkeeping and accounting that are worth sharing:

1. Accounting is about more than number crunching.

Sure, we’re number crunchers. But we’ve found that accounting is much more than that. It’s about how to use those numbers to gain insight into your company’s financial health. Rather than just bookkeepers, we like to see ourselves as advisors who help your business grow.

2. Outsourcing works for businesses of all sizes.

Virtual accounting may initially seem like a big commitment or expense for a small business. But in actuality, it’s usually a big cost saver. It also gives you access to best of breed technology, including the latest accounting software and high-grade security systems, which would be otherwise difficult for a small business to afford.

3. More than anything else, our clients appreciate getting peace of mind.

There’s nothing that keeps a business owner up at night more than concern for the company’s finances. And when we manage your books, you can sleep peacefully at night without worrying about whether your employees are paid properly, whether your vendors are being paid, and whether you’re on time with tax filings and payments. We handle all of that (and more) for you, so you can have peace of mind.

4. The sooner you call us, the better.

Here in San Francisco, we work with a lot of technology startups and other companies in very early stages of growth. Many clients start by trying to manage their own books in the early days of the business, and don’t turn to us until they’re in over their heads. But in some cases, clients have come to us even before their public launch, to be certain that they have their books set up optimally and they’re ready to take orders, receive payments, and manage their inventory. It really makes things a lot easier when you have the structure in place and have your books well-organized early on in your growth.

5. Keeping your data secure is of the utmost importance.

Things have changed in the last generation, even in the time since we’ve been in business. These days it seems you can’t read the news for very long without seeing something about cyber crime or identity theft. We’ve come to learn just how much our clients are concerned with the safety of their sensitive data, and we’re constantly evolving and learning so we can provide you with the most robust security technologies.


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