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Meet Brandee Michel - KYB Client Services Director

12 Aug Meet Brandee Michel - KYB Client Services Director

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KYB-BrandeeMichel-360x360Here at Keeping Your Balance we like to maintain a close, transparent relationship with our clients!  We strive to connect to our clients not only as their accounting solution but as a small business as well. 

Meet Brandee Michel, one of KYB's EA certified account managers and our client services director. 

"Girl Scout cookies and Dr. Pepper keep KYB fresh and fun!

When asked about her time at KYB and her interactions with clients this is what Brandee said: 

Q:  What is the benefit of client's choosing KYB instead of hiring in-house? 

A:  "One word - Team". A KYB you get a team not just a bookkeeper. "KYB provides a team to all of our clients, which allows them many luxuries that most small businesses can't afford.  With a team, you have access to our staff during all business hours - imagine having an accounting department available to you 40 hours a week, but you don't have to pay for those full 40 hours. With a team, someone is always there to work for your company - imagine not having to cover for your bookkeeper when they are out sick, on vacation, on maternity leave, or after they leave the company. With a team, you have experts working for you - imagine not having to research the latest city tax laws, manage your bookkeepers work, or make sure that your bills are paid on time. The team at KYB will take care of all this for you!

Q: How would you describe KYB's customer service style?

A:  "KYB strives to be extremely proactive in our approach with every client. We are constantly reviewing and analyzing their systems, procedures and compliance to make sure that everything is managed before a problem occurs."

Q:  What is one of the most important things a client should know about their accounting services? 

A:  "KYB is built to grow with our clients by providing a scalable model of service.  Many clients come to us and start with basic record keeping, then as they grow start to hand off more duties like Accounts Payable. Payroll and Accounts Receivable. We have been able to provide continuous support to clients starting as owner-only businesses, that grow to 35 employees across 4 states, who then sell their businesses to public companies.

Q:  What is the best part of being on the KYB team? 

A:  "It's hard to choose one thing, but the best is successfully implementing a new, efficient system for a client. I love to make their days/lives easier so that they can get back to growing their business."  

At Keeping Your Balance, we appreciate our clients and always want to hear from them, become a part of KYB's cloud accounting family by Contacting us, Following us on Twitter and Liking us on Facebook

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