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Build A Healthy Business...A Growth Strategy that Works!

26 Oct Build A Healthy Business...A Growth Strategy that Works!

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by Melissa Wilson  •  0 Comments


Starting a business is one thing but having it grow and become successful is quite another.  At KYB, we want your small business and startup to be as successful as possible. Here is some seasoned advice on building a healthy business. 


Entrepreneur has come up with 20 tips on building a successful business.  We list the top five below

  1. Be Better Tomorrow than Today: Nothing we do today will be good enough for tomorrow. We can constantly improve. 
  2. Never Be Afraid to Hire People Who Are Smarter than You: Build a team of people who complement your own skill set. 
  3. Never be Complacent in Your Success: You should always be actively engaged in the future planning of your business.
  4. Don't Let Your Ego get in the Way:  You hate it when clients don't trust your expertise, so don't do the same thing to those professionals you hire as your employees or vendors. 
  5. It's a Business First; Love Affair Second: You can be passionate and still be compensated fairly. 

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