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Build Your Customer Base: Can't Lose Sales Tips!

28 Sep Build Your Customer Base: Can't Lose Sales Tips!

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by Melissa Wilson  •  0 Comments

MyDashboard2Every small business and entrepreneur needs to make sales for their services or products; it's what drives the success of their business. Keeping Your Balance is here to help! Not only are we your bookkeeping, payroll and tax experts, but we have some good advice for making those sales! 

USA Today notes that many small business owners fear making sales calls. They relish in their talent for baking, creating logos, whatever their company offers but their strong suit is not necessarily sales!

Follow these 8 strategies and you'll be well on your way to success. We've elaborated on the top four below: 

  1. Listen: Don't jump straight into a pitch. Listen and learn what your customer needs and wants. 
  2. Ask Questions: You can't find out what a potential customer needs until you get them talking. Ask relevant questions and try to get them chatting. 
  3. Tell People What They Get Not What You Do: Consumers want to know the benefits they'll receive not how your business is conducted. 
  4. Appreciate the Benefits of Your Products: When you truly believe in what you're offering you'll be a more effective sales person. Keep in mind this is also true of your employees. 

The four additional tips are: 

  • Connect
  • Don't Over Sell
  • Close the Deal
  • Be Profitable

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