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Business Culture: Only in the Bay Area

07 Aug Business Culture: Only in the Bay Area

Posted at 10:00h in by Joy Hmura  •  0 Comments

Wacky and the Bay Area are practically synonymous at this point. With a reputation that proceeds it, it only seemed natural to explain how the Bay Area Business culture greatly differs from business culture anywhere else in the United States. 

Here are a few amusing and informative articles that outline the native Bay Area businessperson in their respective environment. 

Silly Photos-101. What do you ACTUALLY mean? We all say things on auto-pilot but Louis Weinstein hilariously translates what the Bay Area person says and what they actually mean. 

 2. Unlimited WHAT? Many Bay Area companies focus on giving unlimited vacation days if all work is completed. Some people joke that, for some companies, these are limited unlimited days. Julie Balise shows some tech companies that are joining the unlimited vacation movement! 

3. Dress Code? You mean, whatever I throw on as I run to catch MUNI? The Bay area is known for many things, but a professional dress code is quickly becoming a thing of the past. Look at the photos in the Top Ten Places to work in the bay area. Everyone is wearing casual attire. 

4. Free Meals at Work - The Bay Area really expects you to live the work. A good way to do that is to provide free meals to employees. Some companies even go so far as to have an open bar, you know, for those "creative boosts". This list shows which workplaces are most likely to leave your bellies (and your hearts full). 

Overall, one of the best things about the Bay Area is that you can walk into a bar and never know, just by looking at them, who is working that day or who is just browsing around.