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Can A Virtual Accountant Help My Business Grow?

09 Nov Can A Virtual Accountant Help My Business Grow?

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Virtual Accounting

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

can-a-virtual-accountant-help-my-business.jpgManaging a young business is an exciting process. There’s nothing that’s really quite the same as turning your lifelong dream into reality. I’m sure you’ve put months or years of careful thought into your business plan, and it’s both a thrill and a time of high pressure to actually begin to execute that plan. Actually achieving success, however, is another story entirely. In order for it to thrive, or even to survive, it’s essential that your business grow at a rapid pace. Many of our clients come to us, looking for an efficient, economical solution for their accounting needs. In fact, in addition to providing that type of solution, hiring us as your virtual accountant can actually help your business grow. Here’s how we can accomplish that.

  • We’ll save you money.

We know that growing businesses tend to rely on a DIY mentality, doing everything you can yourself, and only outsourcing work when it’s absolutely necessary. But, think of the costs of keeping accounting in-house. It’s not just the salary you’d have to pay for in-house accounting staff. They also require benefits, paid time off, furniture, computers, software, and more overhead costs. A virtual accountant will bill you for exactly the services that you contract them for. No extras. No hidden intangible expenses as there are with employees. That means you’ll be saving money, so you’ll have more cash to reinvest in the business, furthering its growth.

  • We’ll keep your books accurate and up to date, all the time.

I hope you have some sort of a bookkeeping system in place already. But, if you’re like most owners of small, growing businesses we know, you’re already overloaded with responsibilities. So it’s not uncommon for bookkeeping to take a back seat to more obviously urgent concerns, like fulfilling orders, resolving production problems, nurturing relationships with your clients, and so on. The more you put off working on the books, the longer it will take to dig out of the quagmire. Without accurate records at your fingertips, it’s difficult to make critical financial decisions. You won’t be able to justify expenditures that are necessary to help your business grow if you don’t know the current state of your finances. As your virtual accountant, we’ll assign sufficient resources to your accounts so that you’ll never have to be concerned about falling behind again.

  • Your virtual accounting team grows with you.

One of the biggest challenges to making your business grow is to maintain the right levels of staffing. This applies to all areas, and it’s certainly relevant in the realm of accounting and bookkeeping. You don’t ever want to be caught short-handed in a high volume period of time. It’s difficult to add staff members in a hurry when there’s a big rush. On the other hand, maintaining extra employees in anticipation of future growth is wasteful and costly. But when you work with a virtual accountant we’ll always make sure that there’s sufficient staffing to manage your account. We’ll expand the team when you need more support, and shrink back down as activity wanes.

  • We’ll free up your time so you can focus on business growth.

We know that you feel responsible for every aspect of your business, and want to handle it all. But we also understand that there are only so many hours in a day, even if you give up sleeping. So if you allow day-to-day bookkeeping routines to consume your time, you won’t be doing the work that’s essential for your business to grow. Hiring a virtual accountant gets that work off of your plate, so you can focus your energies on more valuable activities.


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