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Choosing Bookkeeping Services in The San Francisco Bay Area

10 Jun Choosing Bookkeeping Services in The San Francisco Bay Area

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Bookkeeping & Accounting

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

Choosing-Bookkeeping-Services-in-The-SF-Bay-Area.jpgThere are multiple options for bookkeeping services in the San Francisco Bay area. If you search online, you will find pages of results for bookkeeping and accounting in the bay area. How do you choose between all of the options? There are a few important factors to consider in the process of choosing a bookkeeping service.

Customer Service

You need to consider the quality of customer service an accountant or bookkeeping firm provides. This is important because you will be working closely with whoever you hire to take care of your accounting needs. One way to test the customer service quality of a potential bookkeeper is a simple phone call. Does someone answer the phone promptly and pleasantly? If you leave a message, do you receive a call back in a timely manner? You can further test the level of customer service by scheduling a consultation. Consultations are a great way to interact with a potential bookkeeper and determine if you would like working with that service provider. Finally, ask for references from current customers and give those references a call.

Industry Experience

You can further narrow your search for bookkeeping services in the San Francisco Bay area by looking for a place that has experience with clients in your industry. Professional bookkeepers have the knowledge to work with a variety of clients, but someone who has clients in a similar industry to yours will likely be familiar with your specific needs. For example, bookkeeping for a restaurant presents a different set of issues than bookkeeping for a law firm. Industry experience will allow the bookkeeper to quickly understand your needs and establish a plan that is efficient for your business. Take the time to ask others in your industry for bookkeeper recommendations in the bay area.

Technology Integration

More and more, businesses are moving their accounting partially or completely online. It is important to know if the bookkeeping services you are considering will use the latest technology for your accounting needs. Using a firm that keeps track of your accounting virtually will allow you to have quick online access to your financial information whenever it is needed. In addition, your customers will likely expect to be sent invoices electronically. One way to determine if a particular bookkeeping service is tech savvy is to look at their online presence. Search the name of the service in Google and see what type of information comes up. You may even be able to find online reviews of the bookkeeping service. Also, take time to visit the website of any potential bookkeeping service. If the website is robust and easy to navigate you can safely assume that technology integration will be a part of the overall bookkeeping plan for your company.

Starting the search for bookkeeping services in the San Francisco Bay area can be overwhelming. But, asking the right questions and taking the time to research your options will narrow the search and help you feel good about your choice.


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