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Presidio Benefits Group- Thank You for being there since the Beginning & Celebrating 10 years with KYB !

23 Sep Presidio Benefits Group- Thank You for being there since the Beginning & Celebrating 10 years with KYB !

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PBG_logo In celebrating our 10th anniversary, KYB would like to thank the people who make it happen!  Presidio Benefits Group has been one of our longest standing clients.  Thank you for your support! 

Presidio Benefits Group helps companies to strategize, manage and communicate employee benefits packages.  KYB loves working with PBG one of our bookkeeping and payroll clients.  They are very responsive, and we have great communication, which is the key to a long lasting relationship! 

See what they think about their experience with our cloud accounting firm. 

Q: How long have you been working with KYB? 

I know we were one of KYB's original clients, so it' close to 10 years. 

Q: Why did you hire KYB? 

We are a very small firm and hiring a permanent employee to handle this sort of administration did not seem like a feasible option. 

Q:  In what areas does KYB meet or exceed your expectations? 

Professionalism, [their] keen eye for details and their responsiveness. 

Q: How has KYB helped your business?

Being able to outsource our accounting and payroll has allowed our internal employees to focus on client services, which needs to be our primary focus.  And partnering with KYB leaves us with the confidence that our bookkeeping is accurate and in compliance despite not having a trained accountant on staff. 

Q:  What do you like most about KYB? 

Katie Nixon [our account manager] is wonderful to work for and we are quickly learning to love Jen Best, too! Both of them keep an eagle eye on our books and payroll and ask great questions when things look off. They make it easy for us. 

Q:  Would you recommend Keeping Your Balance's cloud accounting firm? 



Need a Benefits adviser for your company?  Visit Presidio's website


At Keeping Your Balance we love working with our clients and it's great to find out that our clients love us back!  We believe that accounting is more than just crunching numbers, it's about providing insights into your business's health. We strive to provide stellar service and high value. 

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