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Convincing Your Boss To Switch To Virtual Accounting

25 Apr Convincing Your Boss To Switch To Virtual Accounting

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Virtual Accounting

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

Convincing-Your-Boss-To-Switch-To-Virtual-Accounting-1.jpgIf you’ve been reading this blog, I hope we’ve given you some ideas about the benefits of virtual accounting. For those of you who aren’t the owner of your company, however, your enthusiasm about what we’re doing is not enough. There’s another decision maker, and all you can do is try to convince your boss that it makes sense to switch to virtual accounting. Fear not! We’d like to help you win your boss over, so here are a few points that should help you advance your case.

Virtual accounting saves you money.

We prefer not to think of virtual accounting as a “cheap” solution. But experience has shown that compared to hiring an in-house bookkeeper or accountant, it’s almost always going to be a cost-saver. And I don’t think I’ve ever met an owner of a small business who wasn’t always watching the bottom line, and looking for ways to do things more economically. Virtual accounting is typically more cost-effective because you only pay for the services you need. You don’t have to keep someone on salary, paying them every week whether or not there’s work to do. And then there are all the other costs of keeping someone in-house: office space, phone, computer software and hardware, and so on.

Virtual accounting frees up your time.

If there’s anything that’s of great of a concern to a small business owner as saving money, it would have to be saving time. Your boss probably wears a lot of hats in your organization, and between bringing in new clients, managing staff, and generally running around putting out fires, there’s probably not a spare minute in the day. Time is simply one item that you can’t order more of, so any suggestions about freeing up some of those hours for better uses than menial bookkeeping tasks should be most welcome.

Virtual accounting is a scalable solution.

One of the biggest frustrations for growing businesses trying to manage bookkeeping and accounting in house is that your workload is not necessarily consistent. Chances are that there are certain times of each month that require a lot of work and other times when there’s almost nothing to do. That makes it quite challenging to try to maintain a staff, since some days you could really use two to three times as many bookkeepers, and other days you don’t even have work for one. With a virtual accountant, this is no problem at all. Resources are assigned as they’re needed. Should your company experience a sudden growth spurt, your accounting team will grow with you.

Set up a free consultation.

We have a hunch that these three benefits are going to be enough to convince your boss to at least consider switching to virtual accounting. But if your boss still isn’t sold, let us take it from here. At KYB, we’d love to offer a free consultation, and give your boss a proposal that shows what we can really accomplish.


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