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Data Management:How Should Small Businesses Organize, Store, Access It?

30 Sep Data Management:How Should Small Businesses Organize, Store, Access It?

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by Melissa Wilson  •  0 Comments

Comp1In many small businesses there are a lot of "jack of all trades" employees. This is necessary as a business is just getting started and can be useful in instances of acquiring customers.  However, when it comes to data management this can lead to the loss of important and confidential information.

David Zimmerman, CEO of LC Technology, purports, "Small business managers should develop written plans that detail what kinds of data the organization holds, how it will be stored, and when and how it should be used...It should detail who is responsible for data backups and which staff members can access the most sensitive data." 

Here are the top three tips to prevent data loss according to got Biz Report.

1. Know what kinds of data your company will keep, how it will be stored, and who will have access to. 

2. Determine where your data will be stored:  what kind of data you keep will lend to where it should be stored. Use a secure upload software if applicable.

  • Always have centralized processes written so staff know where to place and find the data they need. 

3. Have a Backup:  The cloud has made data storage more reliable and less expensive. Consider using a private cloud (secure server) for your most sensitive data. 

  • It could prove beneficial to have a back-up of your back-up as many companies like KYB are going green and store little to no hard copies on site. 

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