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Driving It Home

24 Jul Driving It Home

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by Joy Hmura  •  0 Comments

delegate"No Man is an Island." - John Donne

Homesourcing. It's like outsourcing but in-country, here at home. Think back to those silly Econ 101 examples. You're an Island good at making 4 coconuts for every blah blah banana-batch and your friend is an island that is good a making 3 banana batches for every blah blah coconut. Wouldn't it make sense for you to stick to making coconuts and them to bananas? That way you can do what you're good at and just trade each other?

 This, my friends, is called specialization. Unlike offshore outsourcing (which may seek to outsource company processes in order to reduce cost, skip around labor laws, etc.) homesourcing is far more like the blah blah tropical produce example. We're friends. We cooperate. And we know what we are good at.

Here at KYB, we believe in the power of specialization and homesourcing. So to remove the negative stigma that outsoucing may have in your head, here are 3 relatable examples of it in action you've probably seen in your personal life.

1. Designated Driver:

"Ted, you're not really good at drinking -- remember the Christmas party- but you'e good at driving. Since we are better drinking and having fun and you are better at driving, let's have you be our DD. We'll pay for your dinner and sodas all night."


2. Grade-school Homework:

"Jimmy, yo... I need to pass Physics. I'll do your English paper, if you do my science homework."


3. Marriage:

"No sweetie, it's not that. Don't think of it as 'good cop' or 'bad cop'. I am just better at making sure the kids have a sense of adventure and good time. You are better at disciplining them and making sure they stay alive...OW!"



Remember, if you are a small business, it's even harder to do all your processes in house. However, if you need to outsource something, make sure to DRIVE IT HOME!

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