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Five Reasons You Need Your Accounting Department To Be Virtual

20 Apr Five Reasons You Need Your Accounting Department To Be Virtual

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Virtual Accounting

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

Five-Reasons-You-Need-Your-Accounting-Department-To-Be-Virtual.jpgWhether you need accounting for a brand new or growing business, virtual accounting may prove a better solution than a full-blown costly accounting department. Face it, no one makes manual entries for bookkeeping these days – everything is digital. So if the product is electronic, doesn’t it make sense that your team would be as well? Virtual accounting offers you convenience, ease and confidence that your books remain constantly up to date and correct. Here are a few essential reasons your accounting department could – and should – be virtual.

Access Anywhere on Any Device

Business does not stop on weekends, when you’re on vacation or even when you’re out to lunch. If you need access to your sensitive financial reports or files, virtual accounting allows you access to information instantly from any internet-enabled device. You no longer have to call or text your accounting staff to send you a file on a Sunday morning. It’s right at your fingertips, ready when you need your information most.


Nothing requires digital security more than your financial information. Many small businesses cannot afford the costly and complex security systems to adequately backup their financials and keep data secure. As well, you need to know that your team backs up your essential data nightly, providing not only security, but comfort. You deserve the security of online accounting housed securely with U.S. based data centers.


Virtual accounting allows for the most efficient accounting operations. You pay only for what you need, not for full-time employees that may or may not log all their hours to productive accounting functions. By selecting a virtual accounting system, you save the hard costs of staff salary and benefits, as well as associated overhead costs, such as office space, supplies and taxes.

Keeping Focus

If you’re managing finances yourself or overseeing the work of an internal staff, it distracts you from managing your company’s core productivity and efficiency. A virtual accounting department allows you to keep your focus on creating and delivering, not on accounting. Now, reports only require your approval and are ready for use whenever you need them.


When you work with a virtual accounting department, you access a team of multi-disciplined experts. Let’s face it, most small businesses can’t afford to hire high-level accountants and financial managers or keep them on staff full-time, so why not tap into them only when you need them? When complex questions arise, you know you’ll have the expertise you need for just the right task. In addition, those handling your virtual accounting constantly train and update on the latest accounting software and tax requirement, so you’re always up-to-date and ready for the next filing.

Think virtual accounting may provide you with solutions beyond an outdated accounting department? Contact our professional advisors to discuss solving your business’ accounting needs.


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