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How SaaS Revolutionized the Service Provider Business Model

22 Feb How SaaS Revolutionized the Service Provider Business Model

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By: Kristen Koh-Goldstein, CEO, Scalus

SaaS Software | Scalus Workflow AutomationService providers have been considered the cornerstone of outsourced labor for centuries, dating back to ancient Mesopotamia with accounting as a professional service. One of the strongholds that limited growth to service provider organizations was limited access to data in the field and by remote workers. Having to travel to a client or go onsite limited the amount of billable hours due to information not being readily available. SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions changed all of that.

The model of a true SaaS delivery is when the application is accessible via a browser and free of any local desktop installs; a user can be granted access to the system from any device with internet access. Many SaaS providers also deploy a mobile app that can be downloaded to a smart phone or tablet for ease of use on the go. Concur was the first SaaS company, and rightly so, considering their product tracks travel expenses back to a client.

Gartner estimates about 10k SaaS companies are in operation today. Why the influx? Demand. SaaS products deliver an ease of use and convenience in accessibility that was unheard of for service providers. SaaS has revolutionized the industry by enabling not only anytime, anywhere access but has allowed for the costs of brick and mortar buildings to house a large staff to be eliminated. Small business owners can now employ qualified teams anywhere, and at a cost that is reflective for that geographic region rather than being tied to their own zip code. KYB is one of those organizations that is maximizing the benefits of SaaS solutions.

In eliminating a central office and employing a remote workforce, the task of managing employees on different time zones, in one centralized location, becomes an issue. The solution is Scalus. Scalus is a workflow management tool that not only empowers a team but also provides accountability through tasklists. It allows managers to prioritize, delegate, and identify bottlenecks. Scalus also promotes collaboration and solves the all too common problem of communication between teams as well as with clients.

Living out of your Inbox is a time-suck and a thing of the past. The unfortunate situation of being cc’d on countless emails that are status updates and might be of relevance to you can be eliminated through dashboards. Deploy a solution that leverages technology and helps you automate repetitive functions. It is the only way an organization will be able to compete in today’s IoT world, and is essential for scalability. For a live demo of how workflow automation and collaboration can help your organization, click here to request more information.


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