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How to Know When to Recruit & When Your Company Can Benefit from the Cloud

16 Sep How to Know When to Recruit & When Your Company Can Benefit from the Cloud

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Many start-ups and small businesses have similar issues that directly effect the growth and efficiency of their companies such as, 



  • When and how to recruit new talent and 
  • When to outsource to the cloud

KYB understands that although these decisions are important they can be daunting as well for a business owner. Not only do you need a good idea (i.e. service/product), but, to be successful, you need a group of individuals that will help your business grow. Finding the right people that have the talent and personality that fit in with your company culture is number one! 

Business Talk Magazine has some helpful tips on hiring the best talent for your business. 

Attracting the right applicant: 

The interviewing process can be time-consuming, so to cut back on the time spent recruiting, make sure that you and your hiring staff are clear on the roles that you're hiring for and that those roles are clearly defined in any employment ads. Also, clearly outline whether you feel aptitude or attitude is of the utmost importance for your company's culture.

Evaluate them in the right way: 

If the job requires answering phones or communicating via email then make sure that you send potential employees (after the CV screening process) emails that require a response and do a brief phone interview before you bring them in for an in-person interview. 

If you haven't thought of outsourcing your business' needs to a cloud service you might want to consider it. Remember outsourcing does not mean offshoring!

When can your business benefit from the cloud?

There are many benefits to outsourcing certain tasks such as accounting and marketing to a cloud service. As the business owner you're responsible for a myriad items; whatever you don't have a strong background in, you should consider outsourcing.  

You want to leave the essential, important tasks to the experts so that you can focus on growing your clientele. It's important to ask questions regarding the cloud provider, their security systems as well as things like will you have your own staff assigned to your company.

To learn more about the cloud and its benefits read "Do Outsourced Services Fit with Your Business Model".   

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