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How to Raise Money for Your New Venture

17 Nov How to Raise Money for Your New Venture

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Here are KYB, we’re always looking for ways to provide extra value to our friends and customers. This week, we’ve assembled some of the best resources on the internet to help you think about how and when to raise venture money. Enjoy!

1) How to Raise Money - by Paul Graham
Paul Graham, the founder of Y Combinator, is viewed by many as the ultimate guru on all things start-up. In this seminal piece, Graham offers sage, insider advice on how and when to raise money.

2) How to Start a Startup – by Marc Andreesen and Ron Conway
In this 1 hour video from Stanford, Marc Andreessen, founder of Netscape, and Ron Conway, the #1 angel investor in Silicon Valley, share some wisdom for founders looking to raise early.

3) Crowdfunding Guide – Fundable.com
If you’re not interested in raising venture money, but want a little cash to develop a prototype for your cool new hardware idea, perhaps Crowdfunding is the way to go. This extensive introduction and guide to the world of crowdfunding may be exactly what you need to get started.

4) Eight Tips for Creating the Perfect Pitch Deck – by Mitchell Harper
Although having the right intros and customer traction are the most important things to nail, having a great deck never hurts. This punchy piece on Venture Beat will give you rock solid advice on how to craft your pitch.

That should get you started. However, if you are still trying to figure out the basics of whether or not to start a company, where to get ideas from, and where to get started at all, take an entire day and binge watch Stanford’s entire “How to Start and Startup” class online. It may not be as good as Breaking Bad, but it’s just as exciting!


Best of luck!

Team KYB

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