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Is Business Success Becoming Synonymous with Employee Happiness?

17 Aug Is Business Success Becoming Synonymous with Employee Happiness?

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by Melissa Wilson  •  0 Comments

 Employee_HappinessAs more companies are formed and more individuals are educated there are fewer and fewer people unable to find a job.  Companies are competing to not only attract prospective employees but to retain them as well! 

Building a successful business is the first concern for business owners, but focusing on a company culture of excellence may be the key to achieving success!

A Culture of Excellence Starts with Being Positive: 

There are many companies out there that have very similar products and marketing strategies, so why is it that some are more (even significantly) successful than others. The culture of a company, which is largely determined by the owner for small businesses, defines the values of the company and in turn affects employee morale.

Here are some tips & tricks for attaining employee happiness and promoting a positive company culture:

  • It all starts with the owner: Rev yourself up with positive vibes by listening to motivating music or speeches on your way to work
  • Think of one particular person each time you come in that you will personally cheer up! 
  • Pay attention to your staff's lives: Celebrate their birthday & ask about their family. 
  • Trust Your Employees to take on big responsibilities: Let them learn new tasks & take on new challenges 
  • Make the core values of the business clear: Keep employees informed on big events that might affect the company as a whole. 

Avoiding a negative culture and cultivating employee happiness are keys to having a sustainably successful company. Let's not forget that creating a culture of happiness is easy and practically free (there might be a few gift cards in there somewhere!). 

Benefit Packages: 

Providing a competitive or at least " a" benefits package is a great way for employers to attract and retain employees!  For many small business and start-ups "Benefits" has become a four letter word.  With the new health insurance law it is difficult to get out of paying for your employees' medical benefits.  

But it could be a simple choice: either pay them more money so they can afford to buy personal health insurance or offer them a plan.  Many small businesses are eligible to receive group plans at a reduced rate.

According to BenefitsPro.com, here are some of the reasons small businesses don't offer benefit packages to their employees: 

  • They feel they lack the capitol to afford an employee benefits package
  • They are too busy with other challenges to work this into their schedule
  • They are unsure about where to start
  • Surprisingly, 53% of owners polled noted there was nothing in the way of them offering benefits to their employees; they just don't! 

 What does your small business do to boost morale and your bottom line? 

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