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Is Virtual Accounting a One-Size-Fits-All Program?

31 Oct Is Virtual Accounting a One-Size-Fits-All Program?

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Virtual Accounting

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

is-virtual-accounting-a-one-side.jpgIf you are looking into virtual accounting services for your business you likely have a lot of questions. What types of businesses can benefit from virtual accounting? Does it work best for start-ups and small businesses that simply need part time accounting help? Or, it is set up to help big businesses that require the time of multiple accounting professionals? Is it possible for virtual accounting to be a one-size-fits-all bookkeeping solution for businesses?

If you are wondering if virtual accounting will work for your business, the answer is yes. Virtual accounting can work for businesses of various sizes and growth levels. However, virtual accounting is not a one-size-fits-all program because the bookkeeping needs of a start-up are much different than those of a big business. The reason virtual accounting can work for different types of businesses is because it is completely customizable. Let’s look at three different types of businesses and see how virtual accounting can be customized according to need.  

  • Start-up

A fulltime accountant is usually not necessary for a start-up because there is simply not enough work to fill up a whole work week. However, it is important to keep accurate and up-to-date accounting records from the first day you open your business. Virtual accounting can help a start-up by providing part time accounting help. There is a big learning curve anytime you start a new business. The professionals at an accounting firm can help you determine what information you need to keep track of in order to effectively run your business. A virtual accountant can also aide you in compiling and reading the financial statements that will help you understand the financial wellbeing of your business. In addition, when you work with a virtual accounting firm, you can be confident that you will not be scrambling at tax time to get everything ready because it will already be in order.

  • Fast growing business

When your business starts growing at a rapid rate, the accounting responsibilities can quickly become overwhelming. During this time you may need to transition from part time accounting help to fulltime help. If you work with a virtual accounting firm the transition will be quick and easy. You will not need to post a job opening online or interview several candidates. All you have to do is adjust the customized plan you have with the virtual accounting firm to include more services. More accounting work is not a problem for virtual accounting firms because they employee multiple accounting professionals. This setup allows you to focus more of your energy on the growth of your company.

  • Big business

The traditional setup for a big business is to have an in-house accountant and/or an accounting department. That setup may work for some companies but it is not the only accounting option for big businesses. Virtual accounting firms can handle large clients because they employ a team of accounting professionals. You will have multiple people at the firm who are familiar with the accounting needs of your business. This will allow for built in checks and balances because there are several accounting professionals who can look over your accounting information.

Virtual accounting is a great option for businesses of any size because it is so customizable. You can work with the professionals in the virtual accounting firm to come up with a plan that will meet the needs of your business. And, once your needs change, you simply adjust the plan and keep going.


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