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Keeping your Business Afloat During the Summer

11 Aug Keeping your Business Afloat During the Summer

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by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

Balance work during summer months. Unlike the cold winter months, it is extremely difficult to sit inside working while missing a beautiful summer day. Staring out of your 9th floor window daydreaming of the 200 things you’d rather be doing can’t be an efficient way to get work done.

From switching up your usual schedule to taking a stroll in the park, Entrepreneur’s Lisa Evans offers 6 tips to keep you on that work grind, even on the most beautiful sunny days.

1. Change your working hours. Consider ending your day a little earlier on Fridays.

2. Throw on your “thinking shoes” and get outside. If you have a laptop, it might be nice to take it outside for a change of scenery. You can also consider hosting a small employee meeting outside as well. Walking may boost creativity.

3. Schedule catch-up time after vacations. Getting back into the groove at work may be jarring after a vacation. Give yourself time to reorient yourself.

4. Season-proof your offerings. Continue networking and using your downtime to strategize your marketing plans.

5. Learn something new. Stretch your mind with a new hobby. You may find yourself with fresh ideas for your business.

6. Allow yourself a few summer indulgences. Having fun is part of the summer. Schedule some play time in your calendar.

Now, these tips may not make your long awaited vacation come any sooner, but they will make the days count and help to keep you (and your business) productive, successful, and efficient.

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