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KYB Founder Becky Brown Speaks at Bookkeeping Symposium

29 Jul KYB Founder Becky Brown Speaks at Bookkeeping Symposium

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BeckyKeeping Your Balance Founder Becky Brown is a true innovator and leader in the industry. She started the business in 2005 and has grown the business to 25 employees. 

She recently was part of a panel in New Orleans at Scaling New Heights, a Bookkeeping Symposium sponsored by Supporting Strategies

"The value of what we do is not the data entry," Becky purports. "It's closing the books and getting everything done. We don't live in the world with a Staple's Easy Button where we can push a button and have everything done. We don't live in a world like that.

For Becky and KYB, it's not about the time spent crunching numbers, but the value these services will add to your business success.

"It's about what gets done," she noted. "Your financials are accurate. You know how your business is doing. Your vendors are getting paid. Your employees are getting paid. Your taxes are getting paid on time. And all those pieces, that's peace of mind.

Here's the moderator's intro: 

Listen to Becky at the workshop:


Learn more about Becky in our Q & A. 

KYB’s bookkeeping experts understand how important it is to stay on top of the books. We would love to have you be part of our accounting in the cloud family! 

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