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Monday Mash Up - News Cap: Small Business, Women & Cyclists!

24 Aug Monday Mash Up - News Cap: Small Business, Women & Cyclists!

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Golden_Gate_NewsKYB loves keeping you in the loop. We're financial wizards that care about the city we work in, the success of our clients and the environment. We're your clean, green, cloud accounting team that provides you with current news, success tips and financial tidbits every chance we get! 

SF News: 

1. Many people who work or visit the city by the Bay take Bart or ride their bikes into the city for work, pleasure or a combination of both.  In recent years there seems to be a rift between drivers and cyclists. Should cyclists have to come to a complete stop at all stop signs if there is no other traffic? This is the current debate on whether officers will be encouraged to allow bicyclists blow through stop signs as long as they don't impede the right-of-way of another car or pedestrian.  What do you think? 

2. Women may be paid less than men for the same work but times are changing.  Financial Women of San Francisco (FWSF) are providing graduate and undergraduate scholarships to Bay Area women pursuing careers in finance and financial services.  This is to aid in creating more of a presence of professional women in the finance industry.  The winners of these scholarships also receive mentoring as they embark on their new career. 

One of this year's winners of the FWSF scholarship, Arriel Sherman, said, "It feels like the start of something big for me.  In order to keep progressing with my career in finance, I have to keep thinking about what I can do to set myself apart."

3. In the last few weeks the Bay Area has experienced record high temperatures, which has given rise to ------ but also is concerning to many residents in light of California's drought and recent fire alerts. According to CBS, we definitely broke some heat records! 

Today's Tips:

  • What is the smart way to refinance a small business loan?  NerdWallet reached out to several lenders to narrow down the top tips in refinancing a small business loan. Molly Otter, chief investment officer of alternative lender Lighter Capital noted, 

    At the end of the day, you want to keep your cost of capital as low as possible.
  • When is a good time to think about saving for college?Many of us have kids in school in some form or another- from grade school to college freshman. Some of us just don't have the capacity to save for college tuition and have to find alternative ways to fund higher education.  Is tapping into your future savings the best route to provide your child with a higher education?  Forbes has some good advise on when a Roth IRA should be used for college savings.  You might not like their answer. 


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