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25 Jun Should a Startup Outsource Bookkeeping, Accounting and HR

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Business Tips, startups

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Managing a business is quite demanding and even more so when it is a startup in its early days. Along with working consistently to improve the products or services on offer, you still can’t afford to neglect the other non-administrative aspects of day-to-day management.

Like HR services. Along with taking care of bookkeeping and payroll, you’d need to be on top of your game to ensure you aren’t consciously flouting government rules and regulations. You definitely don’t want to be slapped with brutal interests and penalties, do you?


Payroll calculations, on the other hand, may prove challenging. Different states have different laws but you’ll still need to get your account and finances in order. Nowadays, many startups, as well as established corporations, are turning towards outsourcing firms for their accounting and HR needs.

Does outsourcing make any sense in this case? Does it offer any kind of advantage as a startup? All of these and many more would be answered in this guide. As a startup, outsourcing your accounting and payroll services may turn out to be a very great idea. Below, we’ll explain the many reasons why it may benefit you as a startup in the early days.

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01 May 6 Inexpensive Tools for Agencies That Will Improve Your Bookkeeping

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Business Tips, For Agencies

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Marketing, advertising and PR agencies have unique financial and bookkeeping needs, and it can be a challenge to keep records organized, responsibilities covered, and information security risks at bay. Are you struggling to manage your books and keep accounts balanced at your agency?

To help you overcome some of the challenges agencies commonly face, explore these six affordable bookkeeping tools. 

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25 Apr Are You Spending More Than $60,000 a Year on Your Back Office Support Person?

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Business Tips, Bookkeeping & Accounting

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Did you know that a back office support employee can cost a startup or small to mid-size business upwards of $60,000 each year? While that figure may vary, this is a lot of money to fill a role that doesn’t necessarily require a full-time salaried position — not to mention the benefits that go along with that salary, resources necessary to train them, equipment to help them do their job, and so forth.

Here’s another important question. Did you know you could be getting the same amount of support that a full-time employee provides by outsourcing to a remote accounting or bookkeeping partner… at a fraction of the cost?

Explore what’s possible when back office support is taken off your plate and managed by a remote provider like Keeping Your Balance. 

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11 Apr Meet the bookkeeper SPOTLIGHT: Kristan Anderson

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Meet the Bookkeeper

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Welcome to the fourth edition of our Meet the Bookkeeper series. In this series, we highlight members of our bookkeeping team, so you can get an idea of the expertise and knowledge that's available to serve you and your business, day in and day out. 

Our 100% U.S.-based team is made up of experienced and passionate accounting experts. They help our clients grow their businesses by providing reliable support for their bookkeeping, accounting, payroll and HR administration needs. 

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04 Apr The Cost of Turnover at Agencies and How This is Impacting Your Growth

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For Agencies

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Every company faces employee turnover at one point or another. But you might not recognize how much it costs your company every time an employee leaves. Between offboarding, filling the gap, hiring a replacement, and training them, you could be facing tens of thousands of dollars in employee turnover costs. And high costs in turnover mean fewer funds to help your business grow.

According to one study from Employee Benefit News, it costs 33% of an employee’s salary to hire their replacement. So, if an employee makes $45,000 per year, your company could face $15,000 or more in employee turnover costs. That’s money many businesses can’t afford to throw away.

Explore these four different areas associated with employee turnover, and learn how each one costs your company money. 

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