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SaaS Companies: Are You Utilizing Virtual Accounting Services?

22 Jan SaaS Companies: Are You Utilizing Virtual Accounting Services?

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Virtual Accounting

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

saas-companies-virtual-accounting-servicesIf you’re in the business of providing Software as a Service (SaaS), you don’t need us to tell you about the value of moving computing processes to the cloud and storing data there. You could probably write the sales pitch here, since it’s what you’re offering to your clients. But are you taking advantage of cloud services that could benefit your own business, like virtual accounting? If not, isn’t it time to give it another thought?

As a SaaS company, you’re part of a booming trend in the current economy. It’s predicted that the global revenue from SaaS software will exceed $106 billion in 2016. Things have been moving in this direction for a number of years. Back in the early days of computing, everything was done on mainframes. These were accessed by “dumb terminals” that couldn’t do much other than talk to the mainframe, which did all the work and stored all the data. Over time, as technology advanced, desktop computers progressed to the point that we got used to having everything on our own machine. We installed our own software from floppy disks, and later CDs and DVDs, and had to take care of upgrades and patches ourselves, not to mention backing up our data.

As things seem to have evolved, we’ve gone almost full circle back to having our computing housed elsewhere, to be accessed from a variety of mobile devices, as well as computers. Now, however, it’s not typically on a centralized mainframe. In cloud computing, much of the processing and data is now housed on a bank of servers in a data center somewhere “in the cloud”, often distributed over different physical locations around the globe.

But you probably know all this even better than we do. So why aren’t you taking advantage of the benefits of SaaS by utilizing virtual accounting services? Like other cloud services, virtual accounting provides:

Extremely secure data storage and transmission - Many of our clients in low-tech industries are somewhat wary of storing their sensitive data in the cloud. As a SaaS company, you know that keeping data on secure servers can be even safer than keeping it under lock and key in your own office.

Constant access to cutting-edge software - This is one of the essential points of SaaS, isn’t it? Rather than having to purchase a shrink-wrapped copy of your software for each computer in your office, and always needing to be vigilant about keeping it up to date, you can leave that in the hands of your virtual accounting team. We’re specialists in the field, and part of what we do is researching the best software systems for our clients’ needs. You can focus on developing your own products, and rest assured that we’ll always have the best tools for the job.

Access to your data from anywhere, at any time - If you’re a SaaS company, I’m sure one of your sales points to your clients is the 24/7 availability of their data and systems, which they can access from anywhere that they’ve got an internet connection. So why would you even consider having your books managed by a bookkeeper who may only be in a few days a month? With virtual accounting, you never have to wait until the next time your bookkeeper is in the office.

Another benefit that shouldn’t be overlooked is the expertise of a team which is not only made of skilled accounting professionals, but also has experience working with SaaS companies, and understands the subtleties of your industry. If you’re not using virtual accounting for your SaaS company yet, it may be time to give it another thought.


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