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Should a Startup Outsource Bookkeeping, Accounting and HR

25 Jun Should a Startup Outsource Bookkeeping, Accounting and HR

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Managing a business is quite demanding and even more so when it is a startup in its early days. Along with working consistently to improve the products or services on offer, you still can’t afford to neglect the other non-administrative aspects of day-to-day management.

Like HR services. Along with taking care of bookkeeping and payroll, you’d need to be on top of your game to ensure you aren’t consciously flouting government rules and regulations. You definitely don’t want to be slapped with brutal interests and penalties, do you?


Payroll calculations, on the other hand, may prove challenging. Different states have different laws but you’ll still need to get your account and finances in order. Nowadays, many startups, as well as established corporations, are turning towards outsourcing firms for their accounting and HR needs.

Does outsourcing make any sense in this case? Does it offer any kind of advantage as a startup? All of these and many more would be answered in this guide. As a startup, outsourcing your accounting and payroll services may turn out to be a very great idea. Below, we’ll explain the many reasons why it may benefit you as a startup in the early days.

Professional and reliable financial advice

One of the common reasons most businesses fail is due to a lack of expertise and knowledge of finances. When you’re well-informed and can understand what your finances say, you’ll be able to channel your efforts into direct ways to improve growth. To put your finances in a healthy position even as a startup, you’ll need the help of a small business accounting firm. This will not only help you to organize your finances as you’ll also have direct access to expert knowledge and advice on what your accounts register says and how you can improve it.

Reduced workload to improve productivity

As a startup, the bulk of your efforts and inputs into the business should be directed at improving the products or services you offer. Considering the efforts and time it will take if you’ll have to manage your accounting in-house, this can significantly reduce the amount of time you’ll have to focus on the core aspects of production.

Time is very crucial in business and inability to get enough of it would impact your productivity and efficiency. When you delegate your accounting and other HR services to an outsourcing firm, it becomes easier to focus on the core aspect of your business. This results in greater efficiency while also ensuring your accounting and other administrative duties are properly managed.

Outsourcing as a startup is cost-effective

Most people who choose to manage their accounting and other HR services do so to save costs but this may be wrong after all. While an outsourcing firm will only be paid based on the volume of work done, an in-house team would have to be paid regularly regardless. Since your work with the outsourcing firm will be on a contractual basis, it saves your business more money that would have been spent on payroll taxes.

Additionally, a competent payroll firm would help you reduce the number of penalties and fees you may be liable to pay. The responsibilities of filing a form, missing payments or sending out w-2s will be taken off your shoulder as the firm will handle everything. This will save you from incurring unnecessary penalties and fees. In some cases, the accounting firm may even assume the cost if you incur any penalty along the line.

Outsourcing could prove important to the growth of a startup

It’s understandable that you won’t necessarily need full-fledged accounting services at the early stages of your startup. All your bookkeeping needs during this time may possibly be handled by an outsourced account. Outsourcing HR services can be designed to suit your specific need and are usually scalable to grow along with your business as time goes on.

An outsourcing firm, whether for accounting or other HR needs, will greatly help your business to grow as a startup. As your business grows and your workforce increases, the need to add employees or other benefits will be less problematic as it would normally be.

Digitalized approach to managing your finances

Today’s business management requires you to be on top of your game and going digital with an outsourcing firm will be better than sticking with manual and outdated in-house accounting. An accounts outsourcing firm will ensure that the management of your finances is kept updated and done efficiently. In today’s world, you can’t afford the risk of running your business with monotonous and outdated accounting processes.

Absolute peace of mind

Managing your accounting in-house means you’ll have to occasionally worry about the processes involved. Perhaps you may have to set reminders or set up tasks on when to run a payroll, when to send a tax payment or when to file a form. Managing this in a time-efficient manner with the other aspects of the business can prove challenging for most people. With an accounts outsourcing firm, you’ll be relieved of these worries while the firm handles every other thing.

Same applies to a lot of the other HR services you may want to outsource. Outsourcing other administrative services, whether that includes customer support services or digital marketing services would free you from worries as these outsourcing firms will efficiently manage these tasks.

Outsourcing accounting and other HR services can prove really beneficial for businesses. Startups often have to contend with limited financial and human resources. Delegating administrative tasks during the early phase still brings in a lot of benefits. This can significantly help to maximize the available financial resources while still running the business efficiently.

An accounts outsourcing firm also has its other peculiar benefits aside being great as a cost-effective way to get work done. These have been clearly touched above and include access to expert financial advice, reduced workload for greater productivity, adoption of digital accounting management processes, and a worry-free business management, among other benefits all of which are the major recipe for business growth and success.


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