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Start-Up Success...Great Work Environments Begin with the Owner!

18 Sep Start-Up Success...Great Work Environments Begin with the Owner!

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by Melissa Wilson  •  0 Comments

Labor_Day_FunnyA start-up's success depends on a lot of factors and much of the pressure is on the "business owner". Everyone wants to have a job that they love and are good at! Many people especially small business owners relish in the fact that they are great at their job.  But does being great at your job mean that you put in 100% effort every time? 

Forbes has some ideas on how to mesh with your staff and be a great manager even if you don't give 100% of effort all the time. Let's face it, who does? 

The top four tips to create a successful work environment! 

       1. Which Process/Rule? 

Making lots of rules such as, don't email me after 5pm, try me on email first, then chat, then call but not before 9am, can confuse and frustrate your co-workers. Too many rules makes it hard to communicate. Instead of a multitude of rules, make it simple such as, the best way to reach me is by email. 

       2. Be Open to Other Ideas

Think about your words before speaking when commenting on an employee or co-worker's idea. Keep in mind talking more is not correlated with greater insight. 

       3.   You're Always Right!

But I usually am, right! Well, try to keep the old sayin' in mind, "two heads are better than one!"  Team efforts create a great work culture and can lead to some awesome (albeit unconventional) ideas! 

       4. Using Power to Get Your Way, Isn't the Best Way. 

Using your authority might work once, but can quickly elicit opposite results. People want to be convinced not forced into doing something. Yes you do sign their paycheck but people buy into why you do something not just what you produce, and when an employee buys into your ideology they are better at promoting your business because they truly believe in it. 

Forbes also has some interesting insights on "5 Ways You Sabotage Your Own Great Work".  As a small business owner, instead of asking yourself "What more can I do?", you should ask yourself, "What should I stop doing?"

A study by The O.C. Tanner Institute purported that truly great work is making a difference that people love. Here are 5 actions you can do to start making that difference today!

       1. Leave the Status Quo Behind

There are always ways to improve on any process. 88% of great work begins with the question, "What difference would people love?"

       2.  Go See Issues/Processes Yourself? 

Don't make blind assumptions.  This could be a tough one, I'm sure we have all made unfounded assumptions at one time or another.  If possible, go see for yourself to build a firsthand understanding of a problem or issue that needs to be addressed. 

       3. Seek Ideas from your "Outer" circle and not just your Go-to Team

Diverse perspectives can create insights you would have never considered. Harness the power of your "outer" circle as well as your inner one. 

       4. Throw Away the "One & Done" Mentality 

Always be prepared to test your ideas/processes and improve upon them.  

       5. Follow Through!

Completing one project and then rushing into another one is not the best idea if you want the project to be successful.  Follow though on the implementation and results to make sure everything runs according to plan!

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