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How Do You Know You Should Switch Payroll Providers?

17 Jul How Do You Know You Should Switch Payroll Providers?

Switching your payroll provider can seem very overwhelming; still you’ll have to do this to save your business when necessary. Regardless of how long you’ve been with your current service provider, if the payroll service is constantly falling short of expectations and you continue to get unsatisfied, you’ll no doubt have to change providers.

As daunting as it may seem to be, there are certain instances where you can’t afford to move on with the tide. When your payroll provider begins to exhibit any of the following characteristics, you know for sure that it is high time you move on.

Poor Customer Service

Your payroll service provider should be able to provide their clients unfettered access to customer support as at when needed. Anything that falls short of this is unacceptable and should make you reconsider going forward. Of what benefits are you paying them if they can’t rise up to the occasion each and every time you encounter a problem. Even if you’re on a DIY online platform, there should still be people you can easily talk to anytime you face issues with the service.

Do you have to wait so long that you feel like rocking to the music while you’re on hold? You sure know how important your time is in business. If your payroll service provider can’t guarantee you first class customer service, then maybe you have to shop for better alternatives. If you care about efficiency, a poor customer service will go against everything you stand for.

Hindrance to Business Growth

Your payroll would fluctuate and that is what the situation will always be, depending on whether you’re in the early stages of doing business or you’re an already established firm. As your company grows, so would your payroll and HR needs do. It’s not uncommon to find out that what was sufficient for you in the past year may appear obsolete and can’t serve you fully today. When your business continues to grow and your payroll service is not growing along, then you need a change of provider so you don’t stifle your own growth.

Your payroll provider’s services should sufficiently cover all your payroll needs. If it becomes that hard for them to adapt to growth changes to fulfill your needs, you may have to consider ditching your current provider in favor of a newer and firmly established provider that will provide an all-encompassing solution to cover your entire payroll needs.

Excess Time Consumption

Do you find yourself spending too much time trying to manage your payroll? Payroll should be easy and fast, and not the other way round. When you’re spending too much time on payroll management that it is affecting your efficiency and productivity, then you know that something is not right. The system doesn’t have to be cumbersome and challenging to use. Rather, it should be easily usable and fast, along with being accurate.

If you notice the system to be taking too much of your time, whether through unnecessary bells and whistles you don’t ever get to use or through a complicated training and onboarding process you’re struggling to grasp. Cases like these are known to leave users with more problems than the benefits they start out to achieve. If you end up spending forever trying to manage a system that should otherwise be fast and easy to use, you’ve got no other solution but to switch sides.

Unreliability & Lack of Integrity

You can’t afford trial and error with your payroll service and so the accuracy must be 100%. Errors in your payroll automation could be very costly. This is why your payroll provider needs to be as reliable and dependable as they can be. Reports have to be logged with maximum accuracies, leaving no room for data loss.

Additionally, your payroll service should be reputable enough, with an integrity that cannot be questioned. This is important considering they would be managing your local, state, and federal payroll compliance. If you are not in the clear about your provider’s integrity and the reliability of their service, you’ll be better off switching over to a new dependable and reliable payroll provider.

Overpaying for Payroll

Do you find yourself overpaying for payroll services without a corresponding return on investment to justify this? It is not worth it paying so much without the results to show for it. If you are one of those who patronize big-name payroll providers, many of such providers may appear very appealing to you at first glance but the truth is most of these name-brand companies end up charging you excessively in form of additional service charges.

If you take a careful look at your payroll and evaluate what it is costing you, if you’ve also considered what you need and whether the ROI is there, you’ll be able to determine whether or not you’ve been shortchanging yourself. While switching to a new provider, be sure to read the fine print so you don’t get charged for services you’re not using or do not really need.

Although payroll is a very important aspect of your business, it still does not have to be unnecessarily expensive.  If you find your current provider’s charges to be over the top, then you may want to switch sides for a better all-round experience.

Your choice of a payroll service provider should give you confidence and satisfaction on a continuous basis. Having to deal with any of the issues discussed above can bring in frustration and disappointments. You can’t afford to continue living with this. To achieve consistency and efficiency, your payroll service must be on the same page with you.

If your current payroll services provider falls short of expectations, you can always look for better alternatives. With a little effort put into researching possible options, you’ll find more competent firms whose services would be highly satisfactory.

Finding these payroll providers whose services reflects and encompasses your needs should be given a great consideration. With better alternatives within reach, you can’t afford to allow a provider’s negligence and incompetence to continue stifling your company’s growth and success.


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