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Team Building Builds Successful Businesses...Take'em Out to the Ball Game!

05 Aug Team Building Builds Successful Businesses...Take'em Out to the Ball Game!

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by Melissa Wilson  •  0 Comments

KYB_Family_2015Collaborative cultures are the most successful for small businesses and start-ups!  Keeping Your Balance knows the importance of bringing your employees together. 

Its really important to have a collaborative company culture when trying to grow your start-up!  The two heads are better than one mentality does work and five, seven, twenty heads are awesome!  

It's also important to remember that as your business is in its nascent stages you will probably be a big part of the daily tasks and duties involved in running it. However, your long term goal should be to create a culture that can thrive on its own without you. 

According to business leader Margaret Heffernan"Companies Don't Have Ideas, Only People Do! And, what motivates people are the bonds and loyalty and trust they develop between each other — built every coffee break— If the going gets tough and it always will...what people need is social support and [to know] who to ask for help."

Make sure you nurture a cooperative work environment by scheduling time for employees to spend together in and out of the office setting. 

Here at KYB we understand that cooperation builds better businesses and we want to share our experiences with you!!  Take a look a a few photos from KYB's Giants Game Gallivant! 

     Becky_Bryna_Chris_Katie_Giants_Game_15.05                       EricVlad_SF_Giants_Game_5-15        Joy_LeAnne_Jeannette_Giants_Game_15.05


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