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The Art of Thanking: 5 Tips to Woo Your Customers

19 May The Art of Thanking: 5 Tips to Woo Your Customers

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say_thank_youAs a business owner of a start-up, restaurant, or professional services firm, you invest quite a bit of time in finding and retaining customers. At KYB, it’s vital to us to build long-term relationships with our clients because through trust and understanding, we are able to work together better. According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing, it costs about 4 to 10 times more to find a new customer than it does to retain one. What is one important wayto show your customer appreciation? By thanking them.

Thanking your customers allows you to reach out to those who already have a connection to you. It’ll be easier for you to sell your services to someone who’s already has a had a positive experience with your company. So as you spend time reaching out to new prospects, remember to keep in touch with your current customers and let them know how much you truly appreciate them.

Here are 5 tips so say thank you and really mean it:

  1. Be authentic. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it. Your customers will know if your “thank you” is genuine or not. Engagement won’t work if it’s not sincere.

  2. Be specific. When you’re saying thank you about something in particular, you have more credibility. When you’re simply thanking for the sake of thanking, the message can sometimes become diluted. Mention why you’re giving thanks. Examples: thank you for sharing, referring, shopping, etc.

  3. Add value. Sometimes a simple “thank you” is enough and sometimes you have to step up your game and give people a little perk. Giving a discount, a gift certificate, a small freebie or gift can go a long way. When customers feel like you’re going the extra step for them, they’ll want to do more business with you.

  4. Be creative. You can certainly think outside the box and have fun. Depending on your clients’ geography, you can can surprise them with gifts or tokens that are outside the norm. You can give them a handmade gift, book, e-book, or something related to their field of expertise.

  5. Let it be about the customer. When you reach out with a thank you to customers, focus on actually thanking them. Don’t try to upsell or get them to buy anything from you in exchange. Let the thank you be something that’s just that. A thank you.

As you continue to delight your customers in fun and light-hearted ways, at Keeping Your Balance, we would love to support you in all of your accounting needs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us or learn more about how we work.