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Tips for Surviving the Small Business Holiday Party

25 Nov Tips for Surviving the Small Business Holiday Party

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Some time after Thanksgiving, holiday party season kicks into full swing. For many, the office holiday party is the perfect opportunity to eat, drink and be jolly. For others it is a dreaded annual ritual they’d rather avoid. Whatever your take, your friends at KYB have a few tips for surviving the holiday party with your work relationships (and job) intact:

1. Get Ready – Wearing festive attire is always fun, but don’t let your preparations stop there. Look over the RSVP list and be sure to be ready to ask a client or colleaegue about his or her family and where they plan to spend the holiday this year.


2. Fill ‘er Up – Even if food will be served, be sure to have at least a snack before you go. You don’t want to be that person who attacks the appetizers before talking to anyone. Also even just one cocktail can go straight to your head on an empty stomach.


3. Don't bring a Date – Save your significant other the torture of being sized up by your entire office, or listening to endless industry insider conversation.


4. Meet the Boss – If the boss is there, say hello and thank him or her for a great year and a great event. Face time and a little gratitude go a long way.


5. Mingle, mingle, mingle – While you probably have your normal clique of water cooler friends or people you work on accounts with, the office party is an opportunity to talk to that pretty girl on the design team, or find out exactly the BizDev people do.


6. Take it easy on the Cheer – We’ve all seen the TV show with the person who has one too many at the office party – and we’re laughing AT him, not with him. Limit yourself to one or two drinks, even if your colleagues are taking holiday shots in the back room.


7. Talk about Anything but Work – Parties are for building relationships, not for closing the loop on X account or Y project. Leave the deadlines and stress at your desk and let everyone else have a good time.


8. Avoid the French Exit – While some people think leaving without saying goodbye is proper etiquette, it can be a bad career move. Proper good-byes are not only polite but necessary.


9. Say Thank You – Be sure to acknowledge those who planned the party. It’s often a thankless task, and you build lasting relationships by honoring them.


10. And most importantly… Keep your keister off the copier!


Have a great Thanksgiving Day!


- Team KYB

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