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Why Outsourced, Cloud Accounting IS the Answer for Start-Ups & Small Businesses

04 Jun Why Outsourced, Cloud Accounting IS the Answer for Start-Ups & Small Businesses

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At Keeping Your Balance we know that Trust and Security are small business' main concerns.  KYB's cloud accounting firm keeps your records safe, gives you real-time access to an account manager from anywhere, anytime and is scalable so we grow as your needs grow. Outsourced accounting IS the answer for small businesses and start-ups who need to focus on growing their clientele. 

Still trying to wrap your mind around "accounting in the cloud" and wondering about the security of your most critical financial data.  Read on to find out why outsourced accounting is the bookkeeping solution for your company.  

Although, outsourced accounting has been around for a while, many companies are still skeptical mostly because they don't quite understand, what the "cloud" is and how the "cloud" works!  Below are some reasons Forbes notes that cloud accounting can benefit your company and why it pays to outsource your bookkeeping needs. 

1. How secure and safe can cloud accounting be? 

Outsourcing provides better security than your password protected server that has an IT update from your local IT guy maybe once a month!  It is true that no cloud provider, not even the Department of Defense, can provide 100% security against hackers, but accounting in the cloud is an extremely secure option. KYB uses bank level security for the transmission, management and storage of all client information. 

2. Why choose outsourced accounting instead of having an in-house accountant come to your office?   

Unless you're a big enough company to need and be able to afford a full-time in-house accountant you could be missing out on important information or deadlines when your "in-house" accountant only comes once or twice a week. With KYB's accounting in the cloud you have access to a team member anytime, anywhere via email and phone and you have 24/7 secure access to all your financial data. 

Small Business owners need to consolidate their time and in the early stages of building a business put most of their focus on growing their business' clientele. Taking care of the day to day (& monthly) transactions can be time consuming and leave room for error when you are also focusing on your company's bigger picture. Outsourced accounting in not only a more secure and accurate option but can also be the more frugal option. 

3. Why can't I just purchase some of the software and do it myself? 

One of the top five bad business habits is to try to do everything yourself!  The power of delegation can be an effective and successful tool in growing your company!

If you have industry specific requirements you might need various software programs to reach your end goal.  This can be time consuming and confusing for the business owner or even an operations manager when they have other duties to complete daily.  

Also, you can get stuck using outdated less efficient software.  Having an employee try to stay on top of what's best and what's not can prove difficult. Plus, providing training for your staff, especially if they are not familiar with accounting can be expensive.  Even worse have them try to teach themselves, which can lead to profit loss and leaves the door wide open for errors.

It's KYB's job to keep up on all the different types of secure software out there and to adjust when something more efficient or better comes along.  

4. What are the other benefits of outsourcing? 

- Access from Anywhere

- Better Backup of Information

- Quicker Bug Fixes

- Immediate Access to Upgrades

- Better Security

Keeping good records is essential for your business to be successful, but it's not essential for you to take your valuable time away from the growth of your company to ensure accurate books! 

Have KYB's professional accountants work for you via the cloud so you can work for the growth of your company anytime, anywhere! At KYB, we appreciate our clients!  Become a part of Keeping Your Balance's cloud accounting family by contacting us, liking us on Facebook, and following us on Twitter. 

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