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What Services Does A Virtual HR Team Provide?

30 May What Services Does A Virtual HR Team Provide?

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Virtual Accounting

by Becky Brown  •  0 Comments

What-Services-Does-A-Virtual-HR-Team-Provide.jpgA “virtual HR team” might seem a little futuristic and silly, like an HR department made up of computer-animated characters. But what it really means is “outsourced” HR team. But it’s not outsourced in the way you’re used to hearing the word – normally, it means a corporation has sent some jobs to India or some other third-world country. No, this outsourcing is to a team of HR specialists right here in the United States; they’re just working “virtually.” Which basically means two things.

First, that these are not your employees. While they work for you and handle your HR responsibilities, they are employees of the virtual accounting/HR firm. You don’t need to worry about sick time, vacation hours, benefits, etc. All you need to do is sign the checks and give the orders.

Second, that they work remotely. That’s all “virtual” really mean in this instance: these people work with you via a virtual platform (the internet). It sounds a lot more complicated and techno-savvy than it is.

So what services should you expect from this virtual team?

All of the same services you’d expect from an in-person team

Just without any of the hassle. But if you’re looking for specifics, let’s start with the basics.

  • A team that fits the size of your business: You could hire an accountant and realize they’re overwhelmed, then hire a second person and realize there’s not quite enough work for two. Then what do you do? With virtual HR, the size of the team will fit your needs. And the firm will know exactly how much work is required for your account.
  • Remote access to your HR information: Since we’re working in the virtual space, everything lives online. You’ll be able to access your payroll information from any internet-enabled device – even a smartphone.
  • Enhanced security: A virtual HR firm handles a lot of sensitive information for various clients, which means we understand the need for security. Your information will be carefully guarded and protected on our safe servers.
  • Expert knowledge of every regulation and requirement: There are a ton of workplace laws and regulations, which regulate basically everything: break periods, reasonable work hours, benefits, etc. With a virtual HR firm, you’ll never be surprised by any of them. We have experts on staff who know the ins and outs of every law, to ensure you’re compliant.

Not to mention all of the normal functions and services

Things like W2 generation, workers compensation audit reporting, tax payments, benefits implementation, administration of benefits, and employee handbook development. It’s like having a seasoned HR professional on staff – except you don’t have to vet this employee. You just give them the materials and pay the fee; we’ll handle everything else.

Curious to learn more?

You know what to do. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to discuss your particular HR needs in full.


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