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Why Outsourcing Saves Time, Money & Your Professional Reputation!

24 Jun Why Outsourcing Saves Time, Money & Your Professional Reputation!

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Do you have a Do-It-Yourself attitude when it comes to your small business? Is micro-managing a word your employees would use to describe your managing style?  

KYB has the answer to the question you might not even know you needed to ask! 

According to HuffPost & EntrepreneurOutsourcing will to save your business time, increase profits and boost your productivity. 

Virtually anything can be outsourced these days, so it's important to know just what needs to be outsourced versus what would be convenient to outsource.  It might seem scary to put your trust in someone else's hands, but it's good t keep in mind that avoiding outsourcing when your business is growing can hold you back. HuffPost purported, "...you can get in trouble faster with the IRS for not paying your payroll taxes properly than not paying personal income taxes." 


The best business practices to outsource are: 

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll 
  • Design/Website work

Entrepreneur places accounting as the number one most time-consuming task that should be outsourced. 

"Not only is accounting time consuming, it is also more and more of a specialty trade (especially in highly regulated states such as California). Accountants know the rules and can keep you out of trouble. They are highly efficient because they do this stuff every day.

If you try to keep everything in-house then you are not letting experts take care of some of the most essential functions for your business to be successful.  Let the experts be the Experts!  Here at KYB we are your accounting experts in the cloud and we understand the importance of security, trust, and follow through. 

The Benefits of Outsourcing: 

  • Highly Skilled Expertise - You might be the expert in your field but you're not the expert in everything
  • Saving Money - Doing things right the first time around, especially finances, can save your company a lot of money in the long run. 
  • Freeing Up Your Time - As the business owner, you have the most important job of all- increasing your customer base and insuring the quality of your product or services.  Don't skimp on these! 

What practices do you Outsource for your business?

Keeping Your Balance understands that even small businesses want to compete with giants like Google and we're here to help you do just that! We love numbers and have been helping small business since 2005.  Let KYB your Accounting Experts in the cloud help you grow your business!